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"SleepTracks raises the bar on Quality Sleep without the use of drugs"

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For many years, especially after I signed my first mortage, I've never been able to get a good nights sleep or any quality sleep for that matter. My mind is always spinning one thought after another and it seems lately that everybody has their had out. Or maybe it's the two mortgages to pay for or the fear of not being able to provide food and home for my family. Either way, I'm starting to think that it has to do with stress and kidding....right?

Sleep TracksI knew I had to make a change but I didn't want to resort to drugs. I have taken a popular drug before to help me sleep but it did no good for me. I needed a solution that wouldn't take too much of my time and help me fall asleep faster while also giving me a quality nights sleep. After some research on the internet, i decided to try a product called SleepTracks.

SleepTracks is a product that uses audio technology to help you relax you're mind and get to sleep much quicker. It's designed to help folks end the frustration and efforts that they make that it usually costs hours of time to get to sleep to hopefully much quicker and avoid using sleeping drugs at the same time. SleepTracks was created by Yan Muckle who decided to make this product after he battled insomnia for over twenty years. You see the goal of the product is to embed pulses into the many different tracks included that help slow down from the daily spinning it goes through to help you get to sleep.

As I mentioned earlier SleepTracks was founded by insomnia sufferer Yan Muckle. After a while of sleepless nights or waking up in the middle of the night, he finally had enough and started using his researching skills (after all he is an author) to deal with his problem. So he learned about the human brain and it's activity during sleep. He found a lot of information and learned of a proven technology that he calls "brainwave entertainment" to help the mind "relax" for optimal sleep. Then after he developed SleepTracks. Since it came to market it's been a good selling sleep solution.

Here’s what you can expect if you decide to go to the SleepTrack web site to purchase the product.

The first thing I noticed is the sales page is very need and vibrant. The first part of this well written sales page is you’ll see a quiz that may help you discover some mistakes you probably make that cause you to not go to sleep. Furthermore you’ll learn Yan Muckle’s compelling story about his journey from sleepless nights to high energy days. You’ll see there are two versions: Basic and Premium. I happen to own the Premium version. The difference is you’ll get additional tracks for power napping and help for anxiety with the premium version. It was well worth it for me. But depending on your needs the Basic version may work out very well for you.

Here’s exactly what you get with SleepTracks Basic:

  • Insomnia Buster Track

  • Fall Asleep Track

  • Whole Night track

  • Fast Start Guide   

  • Optimal Sleep Course

With SleepTracks Premium, you get all that’s in the Basic version and the following additional tracks:

  • Power Nap track

  • Anxiety Ease track


SleepTracks is a good seller because it appears to me that you get a lot of value for your money. I know because I own this product and I have to say it makes a difference. So now the question becomes: what do you get for your hard earned money? First and foremost you have a great product that will help you go to sleep faster and get much better quality sleep. If you like to nap during the day but you haven’t been able to get quality naps, you may want to get the Premium version, it offers a track on there to help you take a more quality and possibly shorter nap.

So let’s start off with what happens after you place your order. The great thing about SleepTracks is that you can get everything online right after you purchase it. Not a long wait. After you order, you will be sent an email shortly after giving you a login and website link to the SleepTracks member area. So make sure you save that email.

Once you are logged in to the members area you’ll see you’re not left in the dark as you’ll have a menu that will help you work your way through the product from the first steps you should take, directions on downloading the tracks and getting support if you need it.  

One thing that really helps is Muckle provides an Optimal Sleep course. It’s all videos and rather lengthy. Make sure you go through the course. Personally, I learned a lot and found it very helpful. Also, it helps you understand much more about the tracks and the purpose of them. The course I found is a fine complement to the tracks. Speaking of the tracks, they are in MP3 format and they go right into itunes if you have apple products. They are easy to use and hopefully you’ll get good results with them. If for some reason it doesn’t work out, you can ask for a refund within 60 day’s of purchasing. So there’s plenty of time to try.


Ok so we covered what’s offered and how to get it. Now let’s get to brass tax and go over any con’s of the product. The one con I found with the product is that you can’t just zip through the sleep course. I’m a linear person so I like to do everything a step at a time. One of the course sections was 40 minutes long. But the good thing about this is I learned a lot and that’s what’s most important. I plan on looking over looking at the course videos again. Hey. You can never learn too much right?


Now of course I found many pro’s in SleepTracks because the product helped me. But there are many little things too that make this an easy to use product. For onel, the tracks are very easy to use. All you need to do is download them and add them to your favorite MP3 player and you’re good to go. Secondly even though the course does take time to get through, the big thing is you need to know the reasoning behind using this product and the additional things you need to do to help you when falling asleep.

Does SleepTracks work?

This is the most important question, isn’t it? For me the product worked.I played the tracks by plugging my iPhone to a speaker (no earphones for me) along with a couple of suggestions made in the course provided. There were tracks offered with or without a voice. I used the ones without a voice. I’m not one for hearing people talk while I’m trying to fall asleep. The tracks helped me a great deal during night time sleep.

One thing I have to mention is that there is a sleep track for when you wake up in the middle of the night. Good thing that was provided because that took awhile for me to get over. However, using this product along with the suggestions provided, I found that I got better sleep after time. So, what I like to communicate here is I got some results right away. But I got even better results over time. So the main thing here is to stick with it.

I also like to mention that one thing about using drugs to fall asleep: it’s nice and easy. All you have to do is take a pill and you’re all set. But it does have it’s impact on your body. With SleepTracks, you may need to make a couple of changes in behavior when you go to bed at night. For example, using the tracks correctly is one of them. The payoff is much better because I found I woke up more refreshed.


So in conclusion, I hope I gave you enough information in SleepTracks and it’s creator Yan Muckle. If you want to try and beat your insomnia without the use of conventional drugs. If you feel that this may be the product for you, follow this link here. It will take you directly to the SleepTracks site and good luck!



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